Koolitus: Embodying Cellular Consciousness through Breathing and Moving 23. august 2016

1. ja 2. oktoobril 2016 on Eestis oma teadmisi jagamas Body-Mind Centering® meetodi looja Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. BMC® on kogemuspõhine keha ja liikumise teadvustamise meetod, mis integreerib teadmisi anatoomia, füsioloogia, psühhofüüsika ja liikumismustrite vallast.

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Toimumiskoht: Saue Noortekeskus Koondise 20, Saue

Workshop Description:

Cellular consciousness is the initiation of breath, movement, voice, touch, awareness and mindfulness from any cell and/or collection of cells as tissues and systems. Learning through cellular consciousness is different from learning through imagination and guidance from the brain.

Cellular consciousness begins with breath and this internal breathing of our cells creates a condensing and expanding wavelike motion that passes through all our tissues. Internal breathing guides the exchange of air through our lungs (external breathing) and is essential for our health, vitality and longevity. The rhythmic pulsating movement flowing between our cells creates the foundation for our movement through space.

Blood is the connection between internal and external breathing. The heart is the center of transformation between the breathing of our cells and the breathing of our lungs.

In this workshop, we will explore how bringing awareness to the subtleties of our living tissues enlivens our movement and brings greater ease and more expansive dynamics. Material will be drawn from:

internal and external breathing
cellular awareness and brain awareness
cells, lungs and heart as centers of consciousness in breathing and moving

No prior experience with the Body-Mind Centering® approach is necessary. You should have some experience with movement, bodywork, consciousness practice or other psychophysical discipline. Come and share with curiosity and a sense of inquiry about movement, the body and consciousness.

For more information, visit http://www.bodymindcentering.com/about

Registration https://goo.gl/forms/4OH7t9eA8IP822pW2
Eastern Europe Early bird discount 240€ ( registered and paid by August 15th 2016)
Eastern Europe full fee 270€ (registered and paid after August 15th 2016)

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