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this year we propose 13 different workshops you can choose from

Aitana Cordero teaching Instructions To Forget
in other words, The Rules of Encountering, 100 Kisses and Updated Body

Andrea Keiz teaching Working With Video In The Field of Dance
a physical work focusing on perception, including the knowledge that the camera can serve as an extension of the body

 Benno Voorham teaching Contact Fundamentals
a workshop on contact improvisation - an improvisational dance form which you can't do by yourself

 Ima Iduozee teaching Floor Works
a training system that aims for continuity of chains, using unconventional ways of approaching ground level movement

Marjana Krajać teaching Sensitive Dances
sessions proposing any temporally and spatially structured movement as a complete, one-time, unique dance

Oliver Schrader teaching Projections, Ensamble Improvisation
/.../ our bodies, our movements, the space, the others. sensations, triggering feelings and moods /.../ between here and now and imaginary places /.../

Vladimir Sidorov teaching Neigong
chinese gymnastic art - practicing with your internal power
Vladimir is also teaching the afternoon workshop and early morning classes!

Bruno Caverna teaching Floor Work
an organic, energetic and synergetic corporeal language, drawing together elements from capoeira, go-gong and contemporary dance 

Marco Bonisimo teaching juggling and acrobatics -
how to juggle and how to build (save) towers of people

Nina Wehnert teaching Between Space and Structure
a workshop on Body Mind Centering, working with different body systems, discovering inner space and expansion
Nina is also teaching the early morning warm up classes 

Perrine En Morceaux teaching Your Voice Doesn't Need You
a workshop on breathing and voice, addressed to any person wishing to explore and experiment with the phenomenon of singing, vocalising

Peter Stamer teaching A Farewell Opera
a theatre workshop on how to say, sing, dance goodbye; looking into social choreographies of saying farewell 

Vladimir Sidorov teaching Neigong
chinese gymnastic art - practicing with your internal power
Vladimir is also teaching the morning workshop and early morning classes!
that's the menu for this year!

order your favourite dish if feeling hungry,
we'd be happy to serve!
on our webpage you can also see the whole schedule and further information! we kindly recommend you to take this tour!

enjoy the spring and make it swing!


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