Helena Ehrenbusch


2005 – 2007    Tallinn University, Faculty of Fine Arts; Master of Arts (Choreographer-Director)

1994 - 1998   Fine 5 Dance School, Tallinn. Qualification of a modern dancer
Curricula: modern dance (Rene Nõmmik, Tiina Ollesk, Janice Redman, Karin Jameson), classical ballet (Anu Ruusmaa, Oleg Ostanin, Olga Majevskaja), contemporary dance (Yoshiko Chuma); dance history, etc

1993 - 2000     Tallinn University, Department of Psychology;
Baccalaureus Scientiarum degree in Psychology and Social Pedagogy, specialization in clinical psychology

1989 - 1993     Tallinn Creative Dance School; Tallinn.
Curricula: classical ballet, modern dance, character dance, dance composition, dance history, corporeal mime technique, acting skills

1982 - 1993    Tallinn English College

Additional education / WORKSHOPS

28.08-1.09.2010     Authentic Movement Residential in Turkey, Adrasan (prof. Helen Payne/UK)
2010     NoTaFe International Summer School, Estonia, Viljandi: corporeal mime technique (Elke Luyten/USA), floor technique for advanced dancers (Fortiz Ortega/Germany)
3-7.12.2009   University of Herthfordshire, Authentic Movement Residential (prof. Helen Payne/UK)
2009     NoTaFe International Summer School, Estonia, Viljandi: corporeal mime technique (Elke Luyten/USA), workshop on perception (Andrea Keiz/Germany)
2007   NoTaFe International Summer School action theatre (Sabine von Tann/Germany), dance therapy (Maarit E. Ylonen/Finland)
2006    NoTaFe International Summer School, capoeira, Alexander technique (Sybrig Dochter/Germany)
2005     ECITE’2005 (european contact improvisation teachers exchange)
              NoTaFe International Summer School, contact improvisation (Nancy Stark Smith/USA)
1993 - 2005     Janice Redman/Finland (bodyflow), Karin Jameson/Sweden (contemporary dance), Muna Tseng/Japan/USA (Contemporary dance), Yoshiko Chuma, Jacek Luminski/Poland (contemporary dance), Sasha Pepelyayev/Russia (contemporary dance), Fin Walker/GB (contemporary dance), Claire Filmon/France (improvisation), Francesco Scavetta / Italy_Norway (contemporary dance), Aki Suzuki/Japan (butoh)


2007 - today       Tallinn University, specialisation leader and lecturer of Dance and Movement Therapy
2005 - today       Project manager of international therapeutic circus camp 'Bombi Planet'; Tallinn Mental Health Centre
2004 - today       Pelguranna Occupational and Therapy Centre (Tallinn Mental Health Centre)
2002-2003          Estonian Institute, editor and project manager
1997 – 1998      Tallinn Psychiatric Clinic; dance therapy groups for outpatients
1987 – today      freelance dancer, choreographer, writer, translator, project manager, educator

Scientific and creative work

Work equal to scientific publications, completed projects
- MA thesis (2007) “Therapeutic Application of Dance and Movement in Psychiatric Rehabilitation“
- Estonian Dance Developmental Plan 2003 – 2006, Estonian Ministry of Culture (2003)

Public showing of creative work
International circus project for blind children, co-director, Yväskülä, Finland (2010)
International circus project for children with learning disabilities, co-director, Lapua Keskuskoulu, Finland (2010)
“Clown Ain and his beautiful life” – international project with TLU students, co-director, Luidja, Hiiumaa (2010)
“Travelling nation” - international circus project for people with special needs, co-director, Maarja küla, Põlvamaa (2010)
“Voices” – choreographer and performer, Festival Uus Tants in Tallinn ( 2010)
“Circus Non-Stop” – international project, co-director, Tarvastu Care Home (2009)
“Colourful World” - international circus project, co-director, Võru Järve Kool (2009)
“The Other Side” – choreographer, Festival Uus Tants in Tallinn (2008)
“The Children of Fire” – international fire-dance and circus project, co-director, Hiiumaa, Estonia (2008)
“Hubert’s 9th Jubilee of the 10th Birthday Party” - international children program and fire-dance project, co-director, Rudolstadt, Germany (2008)
“It’s Bubamara Time” - international circus project, co-director, Ida-Virumaa (2007)
“Don Quijote” - international circus project, co-director, Rudolstadt, Germany (2007)
“improvisation” – project in collaboration with the Estonian Art Academy and RoppGrupp, choreographer, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Tallinn (2006)
“dance ! paper” with RoppGrupp, choreographer; performances – premier in Viljandi (2005), festival Baltodcandal in Rakvere (2006), young dance festival in Viljandi (2006)
“Endless Bow” – choreographer, Festival Uus Tants in Tallinn (2006)
“Sfinks” – choreographer, in collaboration with the graphic artist Kristiina-Maria Ulas, Festival Uus Tants in Tallinn (2005)
Dance video “Midtown Cemetery” with collaborative group Vabad Käsitöölised, choreographer (2004)
"Country-life" with the United Dancers of Zuga, choreographer, idea Tiina Mölder (2004)
“The Pink”, chor. Muna Tseng (USA), “Face a Face”, chor. Claude-Jean Roulin (Switzerland), “Brief Moments”, chor. Birgit Relitzki (Germany); “Bodies”, “Facades”, “Six 'Rides”, “A Small Star and Eternity”, “Kostabi's World”, chor. René Nõmmik (Estonia) with dance theatre Fine 5 (1994 -2000
Dance performance "From the Beginning of Time" (TLU student program), 1994
e: medium;">Performances in co-operation with the artist Kristiina-Maria Ulas, 1994-1998


2010 -today       Estonian Dance and Circus Therapy Union,
2008 - today     Estonian Creative Therapies Union
2008 - today   European Network for the Professional Development of Dance Movement Therapy
2006 - today    Estonian Theatre Union
2004 - today     Estonian Dance Artists Union